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Manicure is not just about technique – this is creation of everyday masterpieces and a job that involves emotion and inspiration.
We value friendship and long-term partnership. Our mission and philosophy – sharing is caring.

There are important things like quality based on the right tools, materials and techniques but nail art is also about emotional work with people, which is why every nail technician will always find their own customers. We are not actually competing.

So we teach, communicate, support, and make friends instead of fighting for a piece of market.

We help our students discover the inner artist, which lives inside every one of us, explore their creativity and find the unique style.

Through sharing our knowledge and skills we help the women of the modern world – daughters, partners, wives and mothers, who often have to support their families but also want to grow, learn, be (more) independent – find their own way and enjoy their work through creating and sharing beauty, making a step forward, making new achievements, and being proud of themselves.

Through teaching the right techniques and material usage we help save time, money and effort per client, make the work more convenient to build confidence, customer loyalty and reputation.

You will never know what you are able of until you begin.

So have no fear and join us. Learning also gives the opportunity to participate in competitions and be among the best in the industry!

Our doors are always open for your talent!

Even if you have never done anything like that but you are eager to try!